Upgrade Your Life


upgrade your mind, body and soul
discover and become the best version of yourself
learn strategies, tips and tricks to design the lifestyle you wanT

Learn science-based and ancient wisdom practices, develop your authentic self and join the tribe of upgraded – healthy & high energy – lifestyle enthusiasts. It’s not only a great opportunity for you to get into the high-performance state but also to find out all about the life hacks related to physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual performance, which opens a dizzying array of exciting information, inspiration and topics to immerse yourself into, talk about, research and share with those you care about: your loved ones, your circle of friends, your clients or your community of readers and followers.

The Upgrade Experience is taking place in an extraordinary finca hidden away in the beautiful rolling countryside in Mallorca. It is NOT a traditional island retreat. It’s an Upgrade Experience that is tailored to get you into a vital, high-performance state, equip you with know-how and invite you to join the tribe of upgraded lifestyle enthusiasts.


Lifestyle enthusiasts who wish to live in a state of high performance, inspire others and create a positive impact in the society.

You, who wish to be a true friend, a loving significant other, a cool mom, a successful business professional, an investible entrepreneur, or a creative freelancer, and above all, a wonderful human being. Everyone who cares to share their experience with their audience, be it a small get together with friends, local community event, on a blog or social media story, in a magazine or a text message to your mom. We wish to reach as many people as possible and to inspire the desire to lead an upgraded lifestyle! 

Get Vitanized with lots of inspiration, information and design food prepared to upgrade your mind, body and soul.

  1. Deepen and radically expand your physical and cognitive capacities;
  2. Find out and experience living in your authentic high-performance state;
  3. Identify your personal high-performance habits and routines;
  4. Improve your nutrition – use fat for fuel to sharpen your brain and lose some weight;
  5. Learn strategies that will support you on your personal and professional journey;
  6. Access knowledge: hear about recent biohacking tips and tricks;
  7. Disconnect and reconnect in the middle of nature, and re-discover your true self;
  8. Learn to inspire and influence others to lead a lifestyle full of vitality.

The Upgrade Experience format is a mix of experiential group and individual activities, including going keto and superfoods tasting, yoga and high intensity interval trainings, grounding and embodiment practices, goal setting and influence skills training sessions. The purpose of the Upgrade Experience is to inspire you to lead an upgraded lifestyle full of vitality, to provide an exclusive space for you to engage with yourself and the like-minded, and to equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to continue living an upgraded lifestyle, and inspiring others. 

Upgraded Movement
Intense and fun fitness activities in a group, guided by top personal trainers, surf and yoga instructors.

Upgraded Eating
Intermittent fasting, plant-based, high-fat and low-carb dining experience, designed to get you into a high-performance state.

Upgraded Thinking
Knowledge transfer and individual lifestyle, mindset, and personal development and growth coaching sessions, tailored to your nutrition, fitness and happiness goals.

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