Vitanja’s lifestyle – it’s journey into a science-based approach to nutrition and life – tested, lived and proven to help enhance physical, mental and emotional performance, and help bring you closer to the best version of yourself.

Anja & Egle at the first Vitanja Upgrade Experience 2018 in Mallorca, in conversation with Chanti Lia.Photo credits: Evgeniia Tsemko.

Me & My Story

When my tremendous fatigue, sluggishness, lack of focus and struggle to control my body weight got a name – Hashimoto’s disease –  and rather unhealthy and at times sad and toxic experiences completely depleted me, I decided to radically change my lifestyle. First, I started searching for the best health enhancing ingredients and experimented with products of numerous providers and manufacturers worldwide. Superfoods were essential, but just one part of my attempt to detoxify and vitalize my body, nourish my mind, and help my soul flourish again.

Education & Career

On my detoxification journey, I decided to make a sharp turn in my career after working as a Sales Manager at multiple European beauty, wellness and fitness companies. First, I equipped myself with knowledge and certification in traditional Coaching for Nutrition and Fitness at SAFS & BETA, and the BSA Academy in Germany, among others. At a number of vegan culinary schools, raw dessert, superfood, gluten-/sugar-/diary-free and plant based chef courses, I learned and laid the foundation for the food designs that my body and mind was so craving for: the sweet yet healthy sins. Today, I’m a certified Human Potential Coach with profound knowledge on the plant-based, ketogenic diet and human potential development.

I am on a mission to inspire people to lead healthy and vital lives by sharing my own experience captured in creative, artful and delicious food designs. 

Mindset & Approach

To me, being healthy is not just about eating the right thing; it’s about having the right mindset, living in the right environment, being surrounded by the right people, and being at home in a body full of vitality, which enables me to be the best version of myself. For that, one needs to detoxify and tweak their lifestyle. I did it. I sweetened-up my life with beautiful relationships and projects, Vitanja being one of them. Having a sweet tooth and serious health constraints made me insanely creative. So creative that I found a way to design cakes, ice cream and chocolate mousses (and much more!) that are not only delicious and easy to make, but also super healthy, so I can indulge without getting any brain fog, bloating or guilty feelings! Just the opposite: my indulgent breakfasts and dinners give me an amazing energy boost that makes me feel unstoppable at work and in sport!

I like to think of food as of pleasure and an energy source at the same time. Oh, and aesthetics matters just as much as nutrition itself!

If you have ever done a detox or a cleanse, you know how frustrating it is to get back to the initial stage after several weeks, when wheat and processed sugar products call your name from the supermarket shelf. I bet you know what I mean! I did lots of detoxification and found that getting back to the “old version of Anja” was very, very frustrating. Not anymore though.

I created an approach that is sustainable and helps me stay in a high-performance state. It’s been several years now that I’ve enjoyed lasting high energy, a sharp mind and good mood. I have experienced the impact of food, and I integrated my knowledge into a holistic approach for self-development and improvement. And so I’ve turned my journey into the Vitanja lifestyle, which I hope will let you experience the vital and high-performance, or what we call “vitanized”, life!

Today, I LOVE designing food and recipes using the best products available, making them look awesome, customizing them to my client needs and habits, and seeing them getting closer to their best version of themselves. Would you like to get vitanized as well?

I would love to hear from you!


Me & My Story

I used to run long distance marathons on an asphalt road, crunchy snow, soft forest most and fine sand, always towards the sea, the lake, the ocean or – the cold shower (no excuses, always available). It used to be the Baltic sea; today, it’s the lake of Zurich. I believe that swimming in the cold waves from a very young age have significantly shaped my character and the way I approach life. Cold water has this rejuvenating effect: It gives wings to my soul when its exhausted, strength to continue when emotionally drained, and the „wake-up!“ effect to my whole biology. It revitalizes, energizes and heals at the same time.

I grew up on my grandmother’s garden produce: freshly squeezed beet, carrot and apple juices, forest berries, and home baked apple pies. I remember the day when the first supermarket opened up in my town. It sold tomatoes in winter and the ready to eat sandwiches which shocked me back then just as it shocks me today to see busy office employees rushing to „nourish“ their brains with slices of bread and coffees to go. I’m highly motivated to offer healthy and delicious options that fuel people’s bodies and brains. And yet, with all the good options available, I believe it requires a shift in individual’s mindset and lifestyle, away from glucose towards ketones.

Education & Career

I studied Media Science and International Politics, and thought I could change the world by taking interviews as a correspondent in the war zones. It took me a while to realize that impact can be created literally on the other side of the microphone, or even without it.

“Why influencing what’s out of your sphere of influence, anyway?” – I heard this question many times in the past but internalized its meaning only recently.

Today, I’m not a corespondent covering wars but I ask powerful questions to individuals who are leading internal fights or conflicts with their loved ones; in coaching sessions tailored to personal growth and development. I believe that a perspective shift in the mind of a striving student, an executive leader, or a suffering lover, or in you, can be of a massive positive impact, which enables a series of beautiful and powerful thoughts, feelings and encounters to unfold.

Just like Anja, I’m a certified Bulletproof Coach, and a Marketing Professional with an MSc Degree in International Development and experience working in impact investing, tech and finance. I chased my dreams studying and working in Berlin, London, and Zurich, where I learnt some crazy things about food consumption, whereas during the field work in in Colombia, Fiji, and Ethiopia, I witnessed some incredible processes of food production. And so one day I thought to myself that I want to invest in health and tech innovation to help shape and scale sustainable supply chains in the food industry, so that our society can choose the healthy and happy living.

Mindset & Approach

My interest in agricultural investments and food supply chains, and my interest in creating positive impact in the society by asking powerful questions, led me to the Bulletproof Inc and the Human Potential Coach Training Program, where I met Anja. It clicked. She liked palm trees and I snowflakes, so we bridged Mallorca with Zurich. She liked designing food and I tasting it, so we created a mindful approach to food. She is happiest when people ask for another piece of raw cashew cake, and I when people feel inspired and empowered after our conversation. Anja wears colours, I wear black and white, and sometimes red. She gets it done, I get it structured and formalized. We complement each other.

So, welcome to Vitanja, your high-performance lifestyle and food brand. Are you curious to know, what’s in it for you?

Anja & Egle at Vitanja’s Upgrade Experience. Photo credits: Evgeniia Tsemko