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Looking for a great, low-hassle way to feed a group during your stay? Vitanja will create top notch, delicious and visually stunning plant food for wellness retreats, yoga teacher trainings, mindfulness events which will surprise and delight all of your guests because we know how important good catering can be. 

Vitanja follows the concept of Educatering. Our service is in response to a society struggling with many diet-related illnesses and an environment in crisis, it feels that we like to show providing an alternative. That’s why Vitanja’s menus all vegan, gluten free, organic and no processed.

Educatering is a free offer from Vitanja while catering. It’s an explanation which highlights some key issues around food and what we do about them through conscious catering.

Vitanja offers catering for events, birthdays, weddings, private dinner gatherings and more. Vitanja ensures the best quality and service and present to clients a selection of plant based savoury and sweet raw food specialities, gourmet vegan cuisine and a variety of cold-pressed juices, smoothies and smoothie bowls. when it comes to private dinner gatherings we will customize special dinner menus with several vegan or vegetarian options. 

Vitanja belives that a shorter path from the field to your table results in better taste and flavour. Vitanja embrace local products and supports the philosophy of farm to table catering. The recipes highlights seasonal procedure from Mallorca Island with locally sourced and grown ingredients. We are committed to support small family farms on the island as a sign of community responsibility.

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Choose the menu that fits your lifestyle. Vitanja offers you a fine selection of energizing and vitalizing dishes with fresh ingredients and diverse recipe inspirations. Freshly delivered!

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