Recipe: Raw Keto Probiotic Cashew Yoghurt

Raw Probiotic Cashew Yoghurt & Frozen Yoghurt

A delicious and very healthy vegan yoghurt that is raw and gluten-free. It’s easy too!

In my non-vegan days, I was the biggest fan of yoghurt. Until I suddenly got hyperacidity. Cow’s milk has long been known as one of the biggest causes of phlegm in the body, eczema and allergies.  Since I became vegan, cow’s milk yogurt and other dairy products have largely disappeared from my diet (along with hyperacidity, allergy and eczema from my body).

 And now that I’ve tasted vegan raw yogurt, I’ve found out: he’s so much better, folks!  And he is absolutely healthy!  My yoghurt, made from coconut, almonds or cashews, is vegan, lactose free, sugar free and raw.

In Bali, coconut yoghurt is available in every organic shop and many vegan restaurants.  It’s clear – the coconuts grow everywhere.  But even in Germany you do not have to do without this delicacy.  What to do?  Do it yourself!

I have to admit, I have always had great respect for making yogurt myself.  It was very complicated. But on my Asia trip I learned how easy (and cheap compared to the Bio Shop prices) that is, I started working on my own production right away.  In Asia, I always made yogurt from coconut, since I used to drink fresh coconut every day, so coconut meat was always there.  In Germany, however, I do not want to do without the homemade yogurt.  You can just as well use other raw materials like almonds or cashews.

 Is Lactic Acid Vegan?

For the preparation of yoghurt you need lactic acid bacteria.  The word lactic acid is quite confusing and has certainly deterred many a vegan.  Many think yogurt needs a dairy to make yogurt, so yogurt can not be vegan.  Thats not right.  What is needed for the production of yoghurt are lactic acid bacteria.  But where do you get lactic acid bacteria if not from the milk?

Lactic acid was actually first discovered in milk in the 18th century. In fact, it arises when starchy and sugary foods are fermented by microorganisms.  However, the starting materials in the production may be both animal products and vegetable raw materials.  Lactic acid bacteria are nothing more than probiotics.

Vegan raw yogurt tastes delicious and strengthens the intestinal flora due to the many probiotic lactic acid bacteria.  In addition, it should help the digestive tract to absorb minerals and vitamins better.  Vegan yogurt is one of the few plant sources of vitamin B12 for vegans and raw food eaten!

In addition it is simply the perfect sauce for salads, and who likes: base for crispy raw granola, muesli or chia pudding.  Or just like that!

Apart from coconut you can use almonds or cashews as a base.  I have two recipes here: once for coconut yoghurt and once for cashews, which works just as well for almonds.

Ingredients for Cashew Yoghurt (or Almond Yoghurt) 6 Servings:


  1. Drain and rinse the soaked cashew nuts and add them to a blender.
  2. Pour the rest of the ingredients into the blender and blend on high for about 5 minutes until the mixture is completely smooth and silky. NO lumps should remain.
  3. Transfer the mixture into a bowl and cover with a clean towel, tea towel or muslin cloth. (not screwing glass tightly –  If you have a dehydrator, you can let the yoghurt ripen there)
  4. Keep in a warm place for 24-48 hours, depending where you are living and how tangy you want it! It also will have a strong but pleasant tangy smell
  5. Do not fill up completely in clean glass containers or Tupperware so that the yoghurt has room to grow.
  6. When he starts to go up and get bubbles, he’s done.  The desired fermentation is achieved when the coconut yoghurt tastes slightly sour.  The yoghurt should expand slightly and be creamy with a slightly fermented – yoghurt – flavor.
  7. When the yoghurt has fermented – Give it a god stir or mix again in a clean blender if needed. Transfer to a jar or container and keep in the fridge for up to 1 week (blending will stop the fermentation and make the yoghurt a firmer consistency).
  8. To serve, add toppings of choice…I love cinnamon and fresh raspberries. 

Make sure the blender and mixing bowl have been cleaned in a dishwasher or with warm soapy water and rinsed in hot water to sterilize.

Ingredients for Coconut Yoghurt:

  • 1 ripe coconut or coconut flesh
  • 1/2  tsp probiotics ( 2-3 capsules)

Preparation is very similar for coconut, almonds or cashew.

To make Frozen Yoghurt:

  1. If using added flavorings , stir in or blend with the yoghurt until well combined.
  2. Pour the mixture into a shallow freezer safe container and spread it out evenly. Secure the lid and place it in the freezer for an hour.
  3. After an hour, take the mixture out of the freezer and give it a good stir to break up any icy bits that may have formed and make the mixture nice and creamy.
  4. Place back to the freezer and allow to freeze completely.
  5. To serve, take the container out of the freezer and allow to sit at room temperature for 1-3 minutes so it softens slightly. Scoop and serve with toppings of choice!

To make it Bulletproof: add 1-2 tsp MCT Oil (it is a brain-boosting, fat-burning ketone energy)

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