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Vitanja Pop-up Kitchen, led by its plant-based Food Designer and Private Chef, creates and delivers exclusive, high-performance food experiences in the form of private dining, flying dinner, brunch, multiple course meal, or exclusive café latte tasting at your home or event-site; or we work to design a menu that matches your taste.

Would you like to create an unforgettable experience for your friends, colleagues, clients or guests at your location – be it your home, office or favourite wellness studio? With plant-based and nutrient-rich “food as design” creations prepped by Anja, Food Designer, Nutrition Coach and Private Chef, Vitanja brings you a radically different experience where you can indulge and immerse in the world of superfoods. Get energized with beautifully prepared healthy eats. All you need to do is to define your ideal type of the tasting experience, and Vitanja will take care of designing and delivering a customized superfood experience on a plate, live and on-site.

  • Finger foods, superfood bowls and shots – flying dinners
  • Exclusive plant-based menus – up to 10 courses
  • Sweetest sin desserts – healthy and naturally sweet
  • Fat bombs instead of the unhealthy fat and processed sugar bombs
  • “#Getvitanized” coffee variations – a foamy latte experience that boosts your brain
  • Caffeine-free creations – superfood healing elixirs

All of Vitanja’s food creations are boosted with fresh seasonal ingredients and presented with a sense of design, inviting you to eat mindfully, yet indulge and proudly celebrate non-processed, healthy whole foods with a dash of superfoods.

Vitanja uses pop-ups as a way to level the dining field, offering gourmet food at affordable prices. With a mobile kitchen Vitanja can set up a meal short time. Pop-ups are addressed to wellness event hosts, yoga teachers  to create feel-good, accessible and yummy food for event brunches, festivals or any health centered gatherings.

Drop us a line indicating the type of your preferred dining experience, the number of people, date and location, and Vitanja will provide you with a proposal for a tailored menu experience, anywhere across Europe. We love designing unforgettable superfood experiences for you and your guests!

pop in at our pop-up!

A sneak peek into Vitanja’s kitchen can be gained at the pop-up events that frequently take place in Mallorca. If you would like to stay tuned and receive an invitation to the next Pop-up Kitchen, sign up here. Experience food as design, learn about specific ingredients, possible unusual combinations, what impact they have on your cognitive, emotional and physical performance, and how you can get vitanized and be the best version of yourself not only on “good” days, but every single day. 

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