Me & My Story

Dear vitality lovers,

I thought it’s time to talk a little bit more about me.
For those who are following me since long time; they might know me more than the newcomers.

Welcome and thank you for following me…i am very grateful to share my lifestyle & food design creations with you – but who am i??? Where i come from? And what is my purpose?

My name is Anja, i am 38 years old born in Potsdam (east part of Germany). I was grown up in Potsdam until i moved to Berlin when i turned 25. At this time i had to experience a big loss in my family – this pain lead me thankfully to a healthier lifestyle and was my eyes opener!

I am on a mission to inspire people to lead healthy and vital lives by sharing my own experience captured in creative, artful, delicious and mindfully created food designs. To me, being healthy is not just about eating the right thing; it’s about having the right mindset, living in the right environment, being surrounded by the right people, and being at home in a body full of vitality, which enables me to be the best version of myself. For that, one needs to detoxify and tweak their lifestyle. I did it. I sweetened-up my life with beautiful relationships and projects, Vitanja being one of them.

Having a sweet tooth and serious health constraints made me insanely creative. So creative that I found a way to design recipes that are not only delicious and easy to make, but also super healthy and guilt-free. Today i am certified Human Potential Coach , i studied nutrition at Safs Beta in Berlin and became a certified Raw Food and private Chef. I absolved my Raw Food Training at Sayuri Healing Food Academy in Ubud – and after working for several mindfulness & yoga retreats in Mallorca last summer I decided to leave the beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea for another lush, beautiful island in south east Asia – BALI.

I find my inspiration in many places and spaces. I love nature, I love the sun and the moon and I love to see sunsets. I love to create healthy plant-based recipes which are highly nutritious and preferably chakra balancing. Mindful eating plays a big role and helps me recognize and cope with my emotions and physical sensations. By knowing the triggers, i can create a space between them and my reaction to it. I do appreciate food and developed more awareness of my emotions on my food.

Bali made me more mindful as a human being in general, with it’s mystical atmosphere, all the alternative healing experiences, the food as medicine – yes food has medicinal effects; Food can be medicine depending on what it is. I am fascinated by the endless opportunities in designing healthy menus.

Being mindful and aware of thoughts and how I feel in the moment, allows me to focus on my breathing without my thoughts, without distractions – yes – I am meditating! The ability to observe my inner state of awareness and feelings is an important skill, that makes me able to see connections between thoughts and feelings – it helps me to clear my mind and for my intentions.

Having the freedom to travel – for creative opportunities; to share my passion through pop-up events, catering, private chef, consulting and recipe development with an offering based on high-vibe, local, raw & plant-based food experiences for private clients, yoga & mindfulness retreats or cafe owners to renew their menus – is the key for a happy independent lifestyle to me. 

I am very grateful for my community and happy to share more about my Bali journey and lifestyle experiences with you.

Greetings from Bali… BE. HERE. NOW !!!

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