Both is amazing! But what is the difference?

Here some pros and cons and why we should drink our greens.

Juicing is a good opportunity for your body to give some rest from solid food because your digestive system can focus on other important processes in your body. Nutrients are rapidly available – living liquid vitamin supplement; it’s the richest whole food source of oxygen, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. The preparation of a juice usually takes more time then blending all ingredients in a blender. Although the liquid portion of the produce is squeezed out and separated from the solid fiber (pulp).

Blending all foods; means you don’t separate fiber from your fruits and veggies. You are keeping all the good fiber which helps in healthy elimination 🙂 A smoothie is a quick and easy way to get your daily vitamins and minerals and it’s kinda meal if you add superfoods, healthy fats or proteins. The high speed slicing cause rapid nutrient destruction-may be loss of enzyme because the heat that the high speed is causing. After blending, fiber remains part of final product-creamy texture.

The benefits of both is that you hydrate your body because fruit and veggies contain lots of water. The nutrients in juices assist with body electricity (good for healing). On top we are able to assimilate the nutrients rapidly and easily. The body need less energy to digest – we have more energy for other metabolic processes. Raw foods slowing down aging, we recover faster from illness, we have more energy and in general better health. By separating the juice from the fiber we are able to get more of the nutrients.

And now the question of the questions…what to do with the pulp? Of course we don’t throw away. I like to do raw crackers mixed with almond pulp (rest when making almond milk) or I use sunflower seeds, flax seeds and nutritional yeast. Mixing all ingredients together, put on a dehydrator tray and dry for about 8-12 hours. depending how crunchy you like them…sometimes I use pulp for vegan bolognese or lasagne, instead of using tofu.

Why Celery Juice is now so popular? 

Because it really has HEALING POWERS! Your body us designed to heal themself. Healing from chronic illness. The best thing is just juice – i call it liquid medicine. It’s a concentrate of minerals, kill off bacterias – it’s not the same with fiber especially if you have an auto-immune disease , brain fog or gut issues. A celery juice every morning on empty stomach is killing virus! Don’t panic if your body is reacting with bloating, allergies or diarrhea. The green healing elixir is doing the job. After 1 week all symptoms are gone. Celery draws out toxins into blood stream-for less symptoms use spirulina. Here some more benefits of raw pure celery juice: high water content, vitamin k, magnesium, potassium, helps very good with skin issues, blood pressure, improves gut health and helps with inflammation.

FIGHTING FREE RADICALS! Let’s heal our bodies and do more detox…you can have one day of only juices per week. That’s a great way to help your body regularly to get rid of toxins. You will feel the difference.

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