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A vital body is home to vital mind and soul. Vitanja is a holistic Lifestyle agency and food design brand based on Balearic Island/Mallorca. We aim to provide inspiration and practical tips that couple the performance-intense modern lifestyle with recent knowledge in nutrition science, detoxifying ingredients, and a pragmatic approach to vital living.

We founded Vitanja to inspire people to integrate the concept of vitality into their lifestyles and to motivate them to upgrade their life to higher performance. We understand vitality as a state of greater health, flexibility, strength, self-awareness, clarity of mind, and enthusiasm. Vitanja makes the challenge of bringing vitality into your thinking and onto your plate – through food design and lifestyle coaching – easy, fun and delicious.

Vitanja´s mission:
enhance physical, mental & emotional performance by tweaking eating & thinking patterns.

In our multiple roles in society – as striving young professionals, loving parents, leading executives and great friends – many of us have come to live a performance-intense lifestyle. How do you stay at the top of the game? How do you get up early every day, feeling vital throughout the day, and being excited to play multiple roles at home, at work and in society? How can you achieve and maintain vital body and sharp mind? What are simple, effective and delicious strategies?

Our search for solutions to sugar cravings, low energy, brain fogs, Hashimoto’s disease and bad moods, and the desire to feel energized when life throws multiple challenges at us, led us to the #getvitanized approach to life.

Vitanja´s motto:
be the best version of yourself!


Nourish your body

Led by its Food Designer and Private Chef, Vitanja’s team creates and delivers exclusive, high-performance food experiences in the form of flying dinners, Sunday brunches, multiple course meals, and café lattes, or we work to design a menu that matches your taste – delivered to you through Vitanja Pop-up Kitchen. We’d love to take you on a journey of rich flavours and playful aesthetics and get you totally “vitanized!”, experiencing the high-performance state. You won’t know that food can be the jet fuel that you need to become the best version of yourself, until you haven’t tried. Experience vitality through nutrient-rich and beautifully designed food creations and learn that healthy and delicious is made easy at Vitanja’s Pop-Up Kitchen and the Upgrade Experience.

Nourish your mind

The secret to vital living is growth and progress. To accelerate your progress toward the best version of you, Vitanja invites you to enter a partnership or join a community that can guide, challenge and encourage you. You don’t need to spend years to become whom you want to be. Establish a growth promoting relationship with Vitanja’s Lifestyle Coach or join us at the Upgrade Experience. Vitanja’s Lifestyle Coaching is designed around high-performance, human potential development, positive psychology, biohacking, changing habits, emotional intelligence, energy management, resilience, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, hacking happiness and psychology of success.

Nourish your soul

Providing exclusive, bespoke, integrated body, mind & soul upgrade experiences for individuals or groups. Offering a variety of holistic healing treatments as yoga, meditation, detoxification, workshops, traditional Chinese medicines, breath work, mobility training, body work therapies, spa treatments & holistic health coaching. (a la carte service catalog for villa service/private)


The goal of eating more plant-based, high-fat foods is to integrate more nature into our diet and to obtain lots of nutrients. In Vitanja’s kitchen, we aim to design food that helps lower inflammation, improve digestion, prevent diseases, provide more energy, contribute to clean and glowing skin and help reduce or maintain body weight. You can get vitanized and get closer to the best version of yourself without declaring yourself a “raw vegan”. Just combine a balanced diet with some nutrition hacks and you’ll feel the improvement to your body and mind.


Vital bodies and minds thrive on healthy and high-quality fats. What you eat has a tremendous impact on your brain, which makes tweaking your diet a valuable opportunity to hack everything from mental clarity to reducing anxiety to improving your mood. Your brain uses food as fuel: fill it with premium, and it will run beautifully for years. Fill it with junk, and it will break down. That’s why Vitanja’s food is designed to boost both physical and mental performance. Why fat? Dietary fat contains more energy per gram than carbohydrates or proteins, so it’s the most effective way to deliver energy to your body and brain. Eating healthier and high-quality fat is one of the most powerful ways to reduce and eliminate cravings for indulgent ice cream, sweet chocolates and crunchy chips. Fat is an essential ingredient in Vitanja’s high-performance food kitchen, including in the irresistible sweet sinful delights. Plant-based foods and healthy and high-quality fat has an amazing effect for losing weight, building muscle, and powering your brain. We tested it!


We love the sweet sinful delights in life. And we know that a diet high in fructose and excess sugar has a negative impact on your body, mind and soul: it makes you weak, irritated and unfocused. Simple sugars cause food cravings, age your tissues, disrupt hormone function, sap your brain energy and dopamine, and raise triglycerides – leading to leptin resistance, insulin resistance, diabetes, and weight gain. At Vitanja, we design food experiences that we called the “sweet sins”, or the sweet sinful delights that are creamy, sweet and crunchy but contain absolutely no processed sugar, and that – and here is the best part – teach your body to easily burn fat for fuel.

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